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Dress up a tent with an inexpensive and easy stencil

Hello and happy summer, fellow Builders of Magic! The other day we were asked for a budget-friendly way to help dress up a canvas tent, and we think we have just the thing for you. For about $15 or so, and a bit of creativity (that’s what we’re here for!) you too can add something uniquely your own to that canvas.  Follow along and see how!

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Wednesday Poll: What race/species do you play?

Happy Wednesday, fellow Builders of Magic, we hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend! Time for our weekly poll!

(Most if not all of these pictures come from the Dungeons & Dragons Monsters’ Manual.)

Wednesday Poll: What Gets You Inspired?

Happy Wednesday, fellow builders of magic! This week we want to know, where do you get your ideas from? Choose the THREE biggest sources of inspiration for you.

Majestic Midnight the Dragon

Here’s a little something I made last night and today, for my roommate’s daughter. She picked out the felt and the embroidery floss for the stitching, and I followed this wonderful pattern, and… Dragon!

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We Tried That Pin: What Happened When We Made an “Upcycled” Cord Basket/Box

If you’re on Pinterest, chances are you’ve seen the image: a cardboard box, some cording, and (I quote) “some patience”, and you can make that cardboard box look like a fancy basket! We here at Building the Magic are all about making modern things look like not-modern things, especially if it’s cheap, or free, and/or easy, so we had to try this. Only… well, you be the judge.

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Last week when I was searching up images for my tutorial article on tabards, I stumbled upon the above image and was shocked by what I saw. You see, this humble image was made by none other than Yours Truly, using Microsoft Paint, approximately 15 years ago. I clicked the link and– what do you know– a handful of garb tutorials I made ‘way back in the Iron Age when I was single!

I know more than I did back then, of course (like how to use Photoshop…) but I think that the tutorials really have stood the test of time, and can be of use to first-time garbers even now. Have a look for yourself!

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you made anything using these tutorials, I would giggle like a five-year-old if you showed me.

Friday Links Round-Up: Build Your Castle

What dwelling is more fantastic than a castle? Everything about them is ancient and stately and enchanting… but if you aren’t an eccentric millionaire, you probably don’t have one just lying around. How can you turn your indoor event space into a castle, if only for a day? Read on…

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Weekend Project: Adventure Journals!

Earlier this week I showed you how to make craft foam look like leather, and offered up some free Adventure Journal Pages to download and print. Well for this Weekend Project, we’re going to combine those to make your own handy-dandy Adventure Journal! Useful for LARP, for tabletop gaming, or just for the heck of it, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to make your own. Let’s get started!

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Poll: Which Activity(ies) do you enjoy?

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for a new poll! We want to know what your preferred flavor of geekiness is. Let us know, tell your friends (because more data is more fun), and comment below.

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