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Weekend Project: Magical Quill Pen

Greetings travelers!  We recently made a tutorial for a “leather” journal here at Building the Magic.  To go with it Jessica, from Designs with Heart, has created a tutorial for a “magical quill pen”.  This is the one that was made for this tutorial.

Yes, I was really into the ocean and mermaids that day to it is very water-y themed.


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Friday Links Round-Up: Build Your Castle

What dwelling is more fantastic than a castle? Everything about them is ancient and stately and enchanting… but if you aren’t an eccentric millionaire, you probably don’t have one just lying around. How can you turn your indoor event space into a castle, if only for a day? Read on…

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How do I hide… water bottles?

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One of the most common modern items you’ll find at an event that is guaranteed to snap you out of your moment of immersion is the plastic water bottle. Certainly water is a necessity– we all need to be hydrated, and safety comes first– but water bottles lying around in a tavern or battlefield or anywhere are an eyesore. So how do you hide them, while keeping safely hydrated? Let’s look at a few ideas.

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How do I hide… my Smart Phone or Tablet?

It’s a modern marvel of technology that most of us can’t live without. We try not to whip it out to take pictures at LARPs or reenactments, but sometimes, we just can’t avoid it. We can, however, be a little bit more discreet about it. Here are just a few ways you can hide that phone or tablet at your next event. Continue reading “How do I hide… my Smart Phone or Tablet?”

What ho, Adventurers! Download and print these FREE Adventure Journal pages!

If you’re an adventurer, you know that there can be a lot of stuff to remember on a quest. The name of the guy in the tavern, the answer to the riddle, which door had the treasure and which one had the white-hot spikes in the walls… a wise adventurer knows the value of a good adventure journal.

And so, for you and your perilous pleasure, I have created some 8.5″x11″ pages to print out, fold in half, and combine to make your own adventure journal. You need lightly lined paper to write what happened today? We got that. Graph paper, to sketch out that dungeon you explored? Got that, in inches or in centimeters. We even have some humanoid figures and blank shields, so you can sketch what someone looked like and what their heraldry was. We got you covered here! 11 different designs in all; click each to download it. Continue reading “What ho, Adventurers! Download and print these FREE Adventure Journal pages!”

Making Your First Garb: the Tabard

A lot of people are nervous at the idea of making garb for themselves. If you think that making garb is just for people who have years of sewing experience– or even a sewing machine– think again. You don’t have to drop money on patterns, and you don’t even need to go to the fabric store for this. The beauty of much medieval clothing, especially early medieval, is that it’s simple to make; but with just a few adjustments, can be changed and adapted and personalized. Today, I’m going to show you how to make one of the simplest and most versatile of medieval garments: the tabard.

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Weekend Project: I made these ancient-looking water pitchers (and so can you!)

Everybody gets thirsty at some time or another, and at some venues, you have to bring in your own liquid refreshment. How can you maintain immersion while taking care of your hydration needs? Really easily, with just a few materials and a day of preparation. Come on, I’ll show you!

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Links Roundup: Bottles for all kinds of potions!

I admit it, I am a little bit over-the-top into bottles. I never know just what I’m going to put in them, but I still ooh and ah when I see cool bottles. When you’re LARPing, bottles can hold everything from drinking water to potions to fairies. Without further ado, here’s a list of links, where you can find all kinds of ideas for bottles that are truly next-level. Links open in a new tab.

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Lined Drawstring Bags: Medieval Aesthetic meets Modern Convenience

I have long believed that one of the most effective ways to feed one’s sense of immersion is… well, feeding, as in with food. It always kind of took away from it, though, when it was time to take bread out of plastic bags or cheese out of ziplock bags. Surely I could come up with some way to carry my food in a way that looked passably medieval, but still kept food fresh and dry for travel? So, that’s just what I did, and you can too. Read on and I’ll show you how.

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