30-day drawing challenges are a fun way to practice your craft while trying new subjects you may not have tried drawing before. Well, we here at Building the Magic humbly offer for May a 30-day Map Drawing Challenge. And since May has 31 days, we’ve got a bonus day 31 idea as well. Just in case you can’t read the image, the list is just below.

  1. Village
  2. Tavern
  3. Temple
  4. Dungeon
  5. Coastal Area
  6. Castle
  7. City
  8. Island
  9. Forest
  10. Tower
  11. House
  12. Desert
  13. Kingdom
  14. Fortress
  15. Inn
  16. Lair
  17. Lake
  18. Canyon
  19. Treasure Map
  20. Continent
  21. Town
  22. Ruins
  23. Library
  24. Ship
  25. Sacred Site
  26. Marketplace
  27. Hideout
  28. Legend (that is, a map’s legend)
  29. Tundra
  30. Labyrinth
  31. Bonus: Compass Rose

The challenge is, each day in May, draw a map of whatever subject is on the list for that day. And if you like how they came out, share a link to them here!

Good luck, and have fun!