Greetings, travelers. I want to talk to you today about something that has me steamed.

Chances are, you know of our blog because of the Alchemy Chart. It’s been a huge success and I see it all over Pinterest, which is a little surreal I must admit. I’m just this elf, ya know? I put days and days of work into that chart, researching each and every symbol and archaic vs. modern names for chemicals. It was highly educational for me. And I was happy to share it for free, but I did so under one and only one simple (I thought) condition: Please don’t pass off what I make as yours.

Years go by and one day, here I am on Facebook, and an aquaintance– a larper– posts a meme on her Facebook. It’s the Alchemy chart! And splayed across it, with “glowing” yellow letters, is the name “Hermes the Alchemist”.  Yeah well “Hermes” needs to re-roll stats because that was a Thief move.

I was so stung. That was my research. That was my graphic design. That was something I gave away out of love and found out that people can’t be bothered to honor my one request. I could pull the chart, but at this juncture, what would be the point? People would still steal credit for it AND I would have no proof that I bloody well made it first.

So I guess what I have to say is, enjoy that chart. Love it as much as I loved making it. And know that my naive lawful-good self will not repeat that mistake in the future.