Welcome back to another tutorial!  Today, we’re going to make easy DIY Flower Headbands, or crowns. These are a fun way to add a little magic to your everyday life as well as any costumes that might need a special accessory.

Warning!  While making these I have found that just using tacky or school glue just doesn’t cut it, so I used hot glue.  If you are doing this with children, PLEASE SUPERVISE!  We do not want your children to get burned!

So, to start, here are a couple of pictures of all the stuff you might need.  I took one before I started, and one after.  In the before, you can see the pile of flowers and leaves I had.


Here is what I actually used:

  1. Felt
  2. Fake flowers
  3. Fake butterfly
  4. Cheap headband
  5. Glue-on rhinestones
  6. Fabric scissors for felt(I don’t like to use my scissors for multiple types of cutting)
  7. Scissors for cutting the fake flowers
  8. Glue and glue gun
  9. E-6000 glue for the rhinestones
  10. Sharpie marker, or marking pen
  11. Ruler

I began by making my cutting lines on my felt with a sharpie.  After looking at my line, I realized that the width of my ruler was a bit more wide than I wanted it to be, so I made another line that made my piece thinner.  I did this again for the other half of the headband “sleeve”.  You can also make it just one piece and sew it together, like a friend of mine did.


Then I glued the two pieces together with hot glue.  See the blue lines indicating where I put the glue? Make sure you leave the ends open so you can slip in the headband when the glue cools.


Then I tested the fit.  Because I made it into a sleeve, I can just slip the headband in, or replace it if it breaks.

Then I got to work gluing on the leaves.  I decided I didn’t want the stems so I cut those off.  I also didn’t want the felt to be seen, so I arranged them just so to cover it.  I worked with the bigger leaves first, then layered increasingly smaller ones on top.

14247730_1503801409645979_174133980_o 14274435_1503801576312629_451663529_o

In these pictures you can see where I put the glue.  I found that if I put glue on just the spine of the leaves instead of the whole thing, that they would stay a little puffier and look a little bit more real.

Then I just kept gluing and arranging the fake flowers and leaves till I had something I liked.  I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of when I was arranging the flowers, but I hope you can get the gist of it from these last two.  After I glued on the flowers and butterfly, I needed more sparkle.  So I found some tiny rhinestones and stuck them on randomly until I felt I had adequate sparkle.


And that’s it!  Tada!  Here is the finished crown on my own head.



We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and really hope you’ll share your creations with us!  Till next time!

(You can find more of Jessica’s works over at her own blog. Thanks as always for visiting and supporting, and telling your friends!)