If you’re in a LARP that’s all-ages-friendly, as I am, or if you’re in the SCA, or you’ve got little Renn-lings, you may be pondering plausibly medievalish ways of keeping them entertained. Today, my roommate’s 8-year-old daughter and I got together and painted some peg dolls of ourselves and our in-game family.

Have a look and see!

Juliana Beaumont (left), and her mom, Veyatie Beaumont.
Beau Beaumont, Juliana’s father, a professional loudmouth.
Ardea Fourier (left), and Paul Fourier, Juliana’s aunt and uncle.

All you need to make these is a pack of round doll pins, some acrylic paint, brushes, and imagination. We will probably get a pack of stands for them as well, since they don’t stand up very well.

What are some things you’ve made with/for the kids in your household? Show them in the comments below, and as always, thanks for visiting and supporting us!