It’s a busy week! No matter where you may adventure, a good banner lets everyone know that you have arrived… or, in my case, where you should arrive! I’m going to start hosting a craft night for our local LARP group, and I want them to see where the house is, so I thought a portable banner would be just the thing. Read on to see how I’m making one– and you can too!

First, I got two 5-foot lengths of 3/4″ PVC pipe. Fortunately, at the Big Hardware Store, they will cut PVC to order, so I asked them to cut 18 inches off one of the pipes.

I’m using one 5-foot piece, and the 18-inch piece.

I also got an elbow joint (making sure it was the right size, and slip, not thread) and a cap.

Then, some 120-grit sandpaper, and a bottle of multi-surface acrylic paint in Chocolate Brown.


Now, to prep the PVC pipes, you’ll want work gloves and a dust mask. When you sand PVC pipe, lots of long narrow splinters¬† start to come off, and you do NOT want them in your hands or your lungs.

Once you got your safety equipment on, take the sandpaper and sand the pipes. This roughs them up so that paint sticks better, wears off the printing on the pipes, and gives a wood-grain texture.

Brush the excess dust and splinters away, and brush the paint on with a sponge brush.


I was surprised at how instantly the paint transformed the pipe into wood grain! It only took about 10 or 15 minutes to dry. Any place where the printed ink shows through, I dabbed on an extra bit of paint.

Once the paint dried, I took it outside and sprayed it with a layer of Mod Podge.



I painted the elbow joint with a thin layer of brown paint, just so that any gaps in twine show through as brown, rather than white.

I cut a length of twine, fired up the hot glue gun, and…


(Be careful you don’t burn your fingers on hot glue during this step…)


So now, instead of a PVC joint, we have a faux lashing.

Meanwhile meanwhile…


I spray-painted the cap with metallic gold spray-paint. BE SURE YOU DO THIS OUTSIDE. I used a box to contain the paint and save the lawn.


banner I have a big piece of green felt which I cut with my rotary cutter, 17 inches wide, about 26 inches long.

Stick around to see how it turns out! As always, thanks for building the magic with us, and bringing your friends!

Update: Part Two!