Greetings travelers!  We recently made a tutorial for a “leather” journal here at Building the Magic.  To go with it Jessica, from Designs with Heart, has created a tutorial for a “magical quill pen”.  This is the one that was made for this tutorial.

Yes, I was really into the ocean and mermaids that day to it is very water-y themed.


The first thing you will need are some materials and tools.  For a basic pen you will need:

  • Large feathers in your choice of color
  • Ink pen refills
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Leather or string

Some additional things you may need:

  • Craft Paint and paintbrushes
  • Glitter
  • Beads or cabochons

Here is a picture of the things I used while making this quill.  I never actually used the leather string, as I chose to use some craft string from the hardware store instead.


Now, if you found buying pens to be cheaper than refills, or just happen to have a pen lying around your house, the first thing you want to do is take the pen apart to get the refill.  I prefer gel pens to roller ball but any kind works.  Just make sure that the refill is the thin small kind.

After you remove your refill, cut the pointy end of your feather to open it up.  Insert the refill.  I had to cut a slit in mine because it was just barely too small.

Then hold it to see if it fits comfortably in your hand.  Trim the feather if it is too long.


If it fit comfortably, you can continue on with the next step, or skip to the end to learn how to wrap it.  If you are not skipping, get out your paints and have some fun!  I recommend a really small brush.  You can get finer details that way.  Make sure to be gentle, there is a lot of give to the feather.  If it doesn’t look perfect it’s ok.  You can use glitter or rhinestones to cover up any mistakes you might make.

After painting the feather I decided to add glitter.  One can never have too much sparkle!


Then I added a couple of rhinestones and a pearl to cover up the mistakes.


Once it was finished drying it was time to wrap the part that would be held in my hand.  As I said before, I decided to use a cream colored string instead of leather.  You can use anything really.  String, leather, twine, ribbon… Let your imagination guide you.

So, to start, I glued a piece of the string in the back and wrapped it around a couple of times to keep it secure.  Then I kept wrapping till I got to the pen tip.  Make sure to dab some glue every now and then to make it more secure.  Then at the bottom, I used glue on my fingers to secure the end.  Make sure you don’t cover the tip or else the pen will be useless!

After that I glued on some shells and other sparklies.


The last step was to trim off the nasty bits.  The end of the feather had gotten smooshed a bit, so I painted it and trimmed it so it looked better.


Then, Ta da!  You have a usable magical quill!


Now if you wanted to get even more fancy you could rig up a special box to carry it in or create a display for your mantel or wall.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing the ones that you might create.  Until next time!