When it comes to what makes imaginary worlds go round, no creature soars in our imaginations quite like dragons. So for our Friday Links Round-up this week, we’ll feature projects full of Dragon-ish delight.


How to Make a Dragon Skull, by marshon via Instructables. A wearable headpiece using cardboard, resin, and (believe it or not) Bondo.

How to Make Horns, by Ermelyn via DeviantArt. Wearable horns made of foam, glue, and paint.

Dragon Leggings, by Breanna Cooke via Redbubble. Actually not a project, but a useful element for a dragon costume.


Sew a Dino Tail, by Andrea’s Notebook. A simple dinosaur/dragon tail to wear about the waist.


For Dragon feet, check out Harpy Costume With Body Paint and Wings by Breanna Cooke.

How to Make a Dragon Costume, by Scratch and Stitch.

Scale Creature Skin Makeup Tutorial, by mollyeberwein via DeviantArt.


Learn to Knit with Scales by CraftyMutt.

Or if you’re a crocheter, Crochet Scale Maille by CraftyKitten.


How to Build Your Dragon, by spookylean via Instructables.

How to Make a Small Dragon Egg, by Our Peaceful Planet

Have a fun weekend exploring the links, and be sure to show us what you made in the comments below! And as always, thank you for stopping by and bringing your friends. Have a majestic weekend, and before we go, I’ll leave you with a video of Copper the Dragon, a fine example of how some people build the magic and bring it to other people’s world.