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May Drawing Challenge: Maps!

30-day drawing challenges are a fun way to practice your craft while trying new subjects you may not have tried drawing before. Well, we here at Building the Magic humbly offer for May a 30-day Map Drawing Challenge. And since May has 31 days, we’ve got a bonus day 31 idea as well. Just in case you can’t read the image, the list is just below.

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Is Theft the Highest Form of Flattery?

Greetings, travelers. I want to talk to you today about something that has me steamed.

Chances are, you know of our blog because of the Alchemy Chart. It’s been a huge success and I see it all over Pinterest, which is a little surreal I must admit. I’m just this elf, ya know? I put days and days of work into that chart, researching each and every symbol and archaic vs. modern names for chemicals. It was highly educational for me. And I was happy to share it for free, but I did so under one and only one simple (I thought) condition: Please don’t pass off what I make as yours.

Years go by and one day, here I am on Facebook, and an aquaintance– a larper– posts a meme on her Facebook. It’s the Alchemy chart! And splayed across it, with “glowing” yellow letters, is the name “Hermes the Alchemist”.  Yeah well “Hermes” needs to re-roll stats because that was a Thief move.

I was so stung. That was my research. That was my graphic design. That was something I gave away out of love and found out that people can’t be bothered to honor my one request. I could pull the chart, but at this juncture, what would be the point? People would still steal credit for it AND I would have no proof that I bloody well made it first.

So I guess what I have to say is, enjoy that chart. Love it as much as I loved making it. And know that my naive lawful-good self will not repeat that mistake in the future.

A Little Something Extra

DMC glow in the dark 6-strand floss used to embroider runes on a dark blue hood.

This is How I Make Garb (Part 1: Measurements)

There comes a point in every garb-wearer’s lifetime when they ask themselves, “Could I ever possibly make my own?” and the answer to that is “HELL YES and I’m going to show you how!”

This is going to be a multi-part series. I don’t know how many parts just now; as many as it takes, I figure. There are a lot of steps; have patience and take your time and I know you’ll do great.

Some of you have already seen and tried the tabard I posted a tutorial for. It makes a great first garment, especially when you’re brand new or on a budget (and who isn’t on a budget these days?). But if you’re ready to try something truly next level, and I have faith that you are, I’m going to teach you how I make a tunic. A good tunic, made with historically plausible patterning, one that lasts and feels like a piece of clothing rather than a costume piece.
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Dress up a tent with an inexpensive and easy stencil

Hello and happy summer, fellow Builders of Magic! The other day we were asked for a budget-friendly way to help dress up a canvas tent, and we think we have just the thing for you. For about $15 or so, and a bit of creativity (that’s what we’re here for!) you too can add something uniquely your own to that canvas.  Follow along and see how!

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Oh Darn!

I have a wonderful pair of handmade felted wool slippers, but I was saddened, after about a year of wear, to find a hole in my left one.


Once upon a time, I would have “darned” this slipper the way my Mom used to “darn” socks that got a hole in them: Say, “oh, darn!” and throw it away! But, I made these slippers. I love these slippers. And making things last as long as possible is a good thing. So I decided instead to make this a teachable moment, and show you lovely Builders of Magic at home how to darn a wool slipper. Of course, this will work for mittens, socks, and wool hats too.

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How do I hide… my cooler?

It’s as much a part of camping as a tent or sleeping bag, and it’s one of those glaringly modern items that can pull you out of your moment of immersion as soon as you lay eyes on it. Read on for some ways to make that necessary cooler less likely to distract. Continue reading “How do I hide… my cooler?”

Weekend Project: DIY Flower Headband Crown

Welcome back to another tutorial!  Today, we’re going to make easy DIY Flower Headbands, or crowns. These are a fun way to add a little magic to your everyday life as well as any costumes that might need a special accessory.

Warning!  While making these I have found that just using tacky or school glue just doesn’t cut it, so I used hot glue.  If you are doing this with children, PLEASE SUPERVISE!  We do not want your children to get burned!

So, to start, here are a couple of pictures of all the stuff you might need.  I took one before I started, and one after.  In the before, you can see the pile of flowers and leaves I had.


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Wednesday Poll: What race/species do you play?

Happy Wednesday, fellow Builders of Magic, we hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend! Time for our weekly poll!

(Most if not all of these pictures come from the Dungeons & Dragons Monsters’ Manual.)

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